E-Cigarette Store Adopts CCS Vape Inventory Solution for New Location

After great success in their first store, Vape It decided they wanted to grow their business by adding another location in Vermont as well as adopt a point of sale system that could meet their inventory needs.

One of Vape It Store’s most time consuming tasks was the inventory process. Traditionally, adding in inventory and managing invoices and purchase orders was a long process of numbers that usually took all night

Vape It Store’s own, Jason, spoke to us a bit about the old inventory process.

When it comes to inventory for vape shops there’s an unexpected level of complexity for each item. Vape It came up against the very common task that e-cigarette businesses come up against when trying to manage their inventory. Not only are there a lot of flavors and parts to track, but each flavor and brand can have up to four or five different verticals.

And as if managing and tracking a vape shops array of items wasn’t difficult enough, Vape It kept running into issues with purchase orders for their shop.

Most of the time, “we didn’t even finish, we had to look for the item, enter in the new quantity on the spreadsheet, double, triple and quadruple check that it was the right item. It took hours”

Cafe Cartel’s Vape Store Matrix 

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With Cafe Cartel System’s Vape Matrix, not only did Vape It find a solution that catered to their industry but one that made managing their complex e-cigarette inventory, simple and easy from start to finish.

Vape Shop Purchase Order Solutions

Traditionally, vape shop managers and owners get a long list of quantities and products when they get an order in. Knowing all too well the labor that goes into this process, Jason was happy to learn that there is definitely an easier solution.

“We just checked the box that adds the purchase order button onto the terminal, enter in the product, hit quantity, and within two hours we were done.”With the vape matrix, updating your item quantities is as simple as ringing up an order, which makes the process “so much easier.”

At Cafe Cartel we believe in our commitment to industry research. This allows us to give you the best possible solution geared toward your business. For more information on our vape store pos solutions visit our industry page, or request a quote today! 

Speed Up Your E-Cigarette Inventory Process
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